All the header photos are from family adventures; vacations, parties, sports or daily activities—anything that inspires me as a dad. Since I am often the one taking the photo (or if I use a stock photo), I won’t always be in the shot—I am not alone in my adventures.

Lonely Beach: Lincoln City, along the Oregon Coast.

Beach Hunters: Geo-caching around the lava rock splash pools in Maui.

Storm Watching Friends: Playing in the storm surf in Tofino, British Columbia.

Olympic Plaza: Early morning in Whistler’s Olympic Plaza.

2 Responses to Photos

  1. ourmomspot says:

    Stephen, this is an excellent blog. Keep writing!

    • Stephen Abbott says:

      Thank you for reading. Questions and comments will always get a response—feel free to engage (it makes the writing so much easier 🙂 )

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