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We’re talking Mo’vember

I decided this year to participate in Mo’vember, that growing movement that is building awareness around prostate cancer. Symbolically only, though; I haven’t been collecting pledges. Between sports fundraising and school fundraising, my friends and family are a little tapped out. … Continue reading

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Fashionably Late

Starting a blog in 2011 is kind of like arriving at a good party around 11:30. Sure, there still plenty of party left to be enjoyed, but it’s pretty clear that everyone is already, …uh, …involved. Suffice it to say, … Continue reading

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You Have a Choice.

Sometimes we’ll do something that contradicts our own values—a moment we’re not proud of. We’re all human and we make mistakes. But when we do we can accept responsibility and correct the issue. We’ll change, and grow a little as … Continue reading

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Let’s start here.

On October 14th of this year, I made a presentation at Interesting Vancouver ’11. I was told I could speak about anything that I was passionate about, but it couldn’t be about my profession. For me, that naturally went to … Continue reading

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