Father’s Day Twitter Chat, #MomsOfBoysChat

This is going to be fun. I get to co-host the Father’s Day Twitter chat (Friday, June 14th) with Marie and the #momsofboyschat community. I hope you’ll join in at 10pm EST (7pm PST).

I often feel like I’m crashing a party when I join the #momsofboyschat. After all, I am clearly not a mom. But the premise of the community is to raise boys to be good men, so I assume that having the perspective of a dad (presumably a good one—or at least a really cool one) makes for interesting conversations. I am happy to see that a father’s perspective is clearly welcome among the moms.

In each conversation, it’s obvious that plenty of moms want nothing more than to raise their boys to be decent, honourable men. I am often encouraged by what I read from those who take part in the chat. It’s also obvious that there are still a lot of challenges for many people when it comes to dads and families. We’re working on it.

For this Father’s Day chat, lets focus on the things that we love about the dads who are in our lives. Here are some of the starter questions—let’s see where the conversation takes us.

Q1 Do you have any Father’s Day traditions?

Q2 What are some of the best things about the dad in your life?

Q3 What are some of the important ways a dad is different from a mom to your kids?

Q4 If you don’t have a father in your kid’s life, who helps you create a positive male role model?

Q5 As a mom, what is the one thing you wish dads understood about motherhood? (Dads, what have you learned about motherhood since becoming a dad?)

Q6 As a mom, what is the one thing you wish dads understood about fatherhood? (Dads, what has surprised you about fatherhood since becoming a dad?)
That’s all. Let’s have some fun.

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