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Parenting Wisdom for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong should have listened to this parenting wisdom: The punishment for lying will always be worse than the punishment for the action. Taking responsibility for our actions is a fundamental value. As parents, it’s how we teach fairness, empathy … Continue reading

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No do-over.

We have a law in Canada that allows you to seal your juvenile criminal record. Our court system recognizes that young offenders should not permanently be held accountable for the errors of youth once they’ve become adults. From shoplifting to … Continue reading

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How can you be so poor with so much money?

I often travel through the Downtown Eastside (DTES) with my child. If you don’t know, Vancouver’s DTES is regarded as one of North America’s “worst” neighbourhoods, if “worst” is defined by poverty, drug use/abuse, homelessness, urban decay and petty crime. … Continue reading

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