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Kid’s menu.

There are few domestic tasks that also allow for as much creativity, skill and pleasure than cooking. You can execute a chore; put a few ingredients together to create a simple meal with minimal preparation and flair. Or you can … Continue reading

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Hockey fan or parent; can I be both?

Dave Banks with Wired magazine posted an open letter to the NHL, commenting on the level of violence displayed in the most recent games, but also showcasing the deterioration of the sport over time. It’s a great letter; read it. … Continue reading

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It’s not a job.

We need to change the parenting rhetoric that has gotten a lot of attention this week. Raising children is important, but parenting is not a job—it’s a part of the human condition. That is not to imply that it requires … Continue reading

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Winning. Losing. Trying.

I’ll admit it; I like to win. After a well fought battle of skill and strategy, victory is sweet. I also don’t mind losing. It’s not as sweet, but as long as everyone played fair, I will respect the victor. … Continue reading

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