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Wake Up Call for Aspiring Athletes

Plenty of parents want their child to play sports, and some kids even excel. And anyone who hangs around long enough knows that parents of Olympic level athletes share a common story of early morning practices, and the dedication shared … Continue reading

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Parenting Wisdom for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong should have listened to this parenting wisdom: The punishment for lying will always be worse than the punishment for the action. Taking responsibility for our actions is a fundamental value. As parents, it’s how we teach fairness, empathy … Continue reading

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Hockey fan or parent; can I be both?

Dave Banks with Wired magazine posted an open letter to the NHL, commenting on the level of violence displayed in the most recent games, but also showcasing the deterioration of the sport over time. It’s a great letter; read it. … Continue reading

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Winning. Losing. Trying.

I’ll admit it; I like to win. After a well fought battle of skill and strategy, victory is sweet. I also don’t mind losing. It’s not as sweet, but as long as everyone played fair, I will respect the victor. … Continue reading

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