Fashionably Late

Starting a blog in 2011 is kind of like arriving at a good party around 11:30. Sure, there still plenty of party left to be enjoyed, but it’s pretty clear that everyone is already, …uh, …involved. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

I’ve quickly realized there is no shortage of blogs from other dads. Some are really cool, and I get a whole new sense of inspiration when I read their adventures. Single dads and married dads; working dads and home dads; dads with dad partners and dads with new and old partners all working it out together; there’s no limit to who is writing and the topics they cover. There’s also a few who play too close to the stereotype that makes me cringe. They go for the cheap laughs and the “ah-shucks, I-am-just-a-silly-guy” sympathy. Yes. Apparently Neanderthal Dads blog, too.

There are heroes and villains; rivalries and friendships; and a wonderful community of people who are simply passionate about parenting. There are lots of opinions and specialties from both experts and self-proclaimed experts (and I’ll let you decide who’s who in that category).

So here is my blog, too. I plan on making a few new friends, and perhaps making a few people uncomfortable. I look forward to any conversations that get started.

So, yes, I am late to the party. But it’s early, and there’s still plenty of good times to go around.

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