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What’s next? Career advice from off the career path.

I’ve been pretty fortunate in my life; I’ve attempted to make careers out of my passions, and so far I’ve done okay. As parents, we want to know our children will be alright. We want to know that they will … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy.

I know the worst thing a blogger can do is go silent. Extended breaks—especially disappearances—are a slap in the face to regular readers and undermine any credibility to those who just pop by for a peek. There’s really no excuse. … Continue reading

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Unsolicited Advice

Talk with me. Don’t talk at me. I don’t know anyone who likes getting unsolicited advice. Especially the kind that comes from one parent to other. The abundance of parent blogs, though, shows us that people aren’t really averse to … Continue reading

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Wake Up Call for Aspiring Athletes

Plenty of parents want their child to play sports, and some kids even excel. And anyone who hangs around long enough knows that parents of Olympic level athletes share a common story of early morning practices, and the dedication shared … Continue reading

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