Adventures of a Really Cool Cook

I realize I could spend a lot of time posting about Really Cool Dads and our love affair with all things food. But that would make this a foodie blog, and that isn’t my intention. Instead, check out Really Cool Cooks. It’s a fun blog about my comfort food lifestyle.

Beer + Lemonade + Raspberries + Vodka. Awesome.

I will use that space to review foods, share recipes and techniques, explore the cultures of food, and even share a little bit of my comfort food philosophy. It will be a fun blog, and I hope you take a look.

Of course, I will still talk about food and kids here on the Adventures of a Really Cool Dad. There are still too many adventures to be had in the kitchen.

To start, I recommend you try the best summer drink recipe. It’s a perfect poolside drink, or bbq party cocktail. I probably don’t have to tell you it’s not something to share with your kids, but here’s the warning, just in case. Don’t share it with your kids.

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