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The things we do trying to be cool.

How can you be so poor with so much money?

I often travel through the Downtown Eastside (DTES) with my child. If you don’t know, Vancouver’s DTES is regarded as one of North America’s “worst” neighbourhoods, if “worst” is defined by poverty, drug use/abuse, homelessness, urban decay and petty crime. … Continue reading

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Adventures of a Really Cool Cook

I realize I could spend a lot of time posting about Really Cool Dads and our love affair with all things food. But that would make this a foodie blog, and that isn’t my intention. Instead, check out Really Cool … Continue reading

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Kid’s menu.

There are few domestic tasks that also allow for as much creativity, skill and pleasure than cooking. You can execute a chore; put a few ingredients together to create a simple meal with minimal preparation and flair. Or you can … Continue reading

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Winning. Losing. Trying.

I’ll admit it; I like to win. After a well fought battle of skill and strategy, victory is sweet. I also don’t mind losing. It’s not as sweet, but as long as everyone played fair, I will respect the victor. … Continue reading

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